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Custom Jewelry Design

Whether you want to create a bespoke engagement ring, redesign old jewelry to suit your current tastes, or you have a completely off the wall idea, I'm here to help!

With over 15 years of fine custom jewelry experience, I am well equipped to handle almost any request.  I can source both natural and lab grown diamonds, colored stones, I can use your stones, OR I can cut a gemstone for you. 

Reach out for a free design consultation and let's talk about some jewels!


Let's Talk About Your Design!

Please include a little information about the jewelry you'd like to create.

It is helpful if you include due dates, budget information, stone and metal preferences, and whether you have any stones that you would like to use in the design. There is also a file upload section in case you have a sketch or inspiration picture.

If you can't answer everything, that's okay!  I can guide you through anything you need help with.

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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